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The simple, low-cost tracking system that provides high-end features for your business or family's vehicle tracking and reporting needs.

How can Zemango help you?

Real-Time Status

Real-time status is available for any vehicle: current speed or stop time, location, ignition state, fuel level and efficiency, engine RPM, and battery voltage. You can set alerts to notify you if any vehicle exceeds a user-defined speed or RPM limit, drops below a certain fuel level, or experiences engine trouble.

Trip Monitoring

Follow a vehicle to monitor its trip and see its current location in Google Street View. This is especially useful for giving directions to one of your drivers, knowing exactly what turn they need to make, and being able to tell your drivers exactly what they should be looking for.

Navigation and Routes

Zemango also provides easy navigation tools to plan your travels. You can get turn-by-turn directions between any two vehicles or locations, or provide a list of stops and plan the optimal route to visit each location or make a round trip back to your starting location.

Landmarks and Geofences

You can define key landmarks important to your fleet and set up geofence boundaries around them. Zemango can be configured to send you alerts by email or SMS whenever one of your vehicles enters or leaves the area defined by these boundaries, and the locations will be used when generating reports on your fleet's activity. You can also add attachments to any location to provide you and your users with more details about the landmark in addition to the Street View image of the landmark (if an image is available for the location).

Public Sharing

You can also share a vehicle's location with a third party, providing them with a guest account for a limited time with read-only access to a single vehicle on the Zemango map.


Your users, drivers, vehicles, and GPS tracking devices can easily be managed using the Zemango web interface. New users that you create for your account can either be given administrator rights with full access to your account, or simply have read-only access for monitoring your fleet.

Historical Analysis

A detailed history tool is available to review where your vehicles have been. You can step through and replay the past travels of any of your vehicles, or select a portion of the trip to analyze for further details. The history display is also equipped with Street View to allow you to see exactly where your vehicles' travels have taken them.


You can also run a number of different reports on the activity and behavior of your vehicles and drivers:

  • Daily Summary
  • Vehicle Stopped / Idling Periods
  • Overspeed
  • Distance Traveled, Aggregate and by State
  • Trips Between Landmarks / Locations
  • Layovers at Landmarks / Locations
  • Network Loss

Simply select one or more vehicles, a time frame, and define your filters as required, and you can read your report in your web browser or in Microsoft Excel. You can also schedule reports to be run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and have them emailed to you automatically.

Mobile Platform

Zemango is mobile-ready, with a web site optimized for phones and tablets. You can use your mobile device to monitor your vehicles' activity or to get directions in the same way as on the full version of the Zemango site. Street View integration is also available via mobile.

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